Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wedding bliss

Last weekend, we were able to go to Draper for my cousins wedding. I was having a hard time deciding if I wanted to go because we went up Friday night, and came back Saturday afternoon. I had to work on Sunday so I was afraid I would be soooo tired. Well I went, and I was glad. I rode up with my mom and dad. It snowed the WHOLE way up there, the WHOLE time we were there, and the WHOLE trip back. Good thing my dad is a skilled snow driver. We got to my aunt Lisa's house around 11 and visited for a while before we headed to bed. The kids could not wait for it to be morning so they could play. When we got up, we ate breakfast and the kids played until we had to head to Draper. Konner and Daniel played in the snow and jumped on the trampoline. Zaydee and Sophie played house and slid down the stairs in a sleeping bag!

 The fog was so thick we could not see the temple until we got right up to it. I dropped my parents off and the kids and I drove around since it was so cold and snowy outside. First stop.... BATHROOM! Zaydee thinks she needs to try every bathroom... EVERYWHERE! We headed back to the temple and took some pictures of the fog. After the wedding, we went to the reception. The reception was fun and we got to see lots of family that we dont get to see regularly. Emilee caught the bouquet and zaydee couldnt keep her hands off the cake! The bride and groom looked so happy and I wish them the best!  I am really glad I went. It is always so much fun to get to spend time with my family.

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The Staheli's said...

Dear Carie: It's been a few months. WHERE ARE YOU??? :) Just kidding. I know you are INSANELY busy. In your 2 seconds of down time (if that) I vote for new blog posts. K? Haha.